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Following are free resources that I would recommend and aide the therapy process. You may find some more helpful than others. This will be a growing toolbox of resources I would like to add to over time.

Sandy Beach

The 4 Elements is a simple tool that you can use wherever you are, and in just a few minutes. It has been used all around the world to help people after stressful life events. In 4 simple steps, it brings together evidence-based techniques that can help us feel calmer and more in control.

Wild Flowers

FREE meditation app to help on wide ranging topics such as anxiety, stress, relationships, trauma, healing and sleep

Window with Plant

Helpful diagram to understand when we have moved out of our sense of safety and calm


Helpful chart to map what happens to our nervouse system when we are in fight, flight and freeze response

Balancing Rocks

Radical Self Compassion practice by Tara Brach

Blade of Grass

An EMDR calming body based technique, simple and effective

Pebbles on the Sand

Really helpful site to distinguish between the practice of grateful living as opposed to just 'gratitide'. Link to this beautiful video meditation 'A Grateful Day' by Br. David Steindl-Rast

Attachment pic.jpg

Very helpful site by neuroscientist Mark Brady; translating complex brain science into practical ways it can improve relationships.

Newcastle Australia

Podcast, articles and practical resources to help inspire and start building the life you want. 

Parent and Child

Evidence based, compassionate and practical parenting resources by psychologist Karen Young "Sometimes the only diagnosis is human".


Esther Perel is a master relationship therapist, speaker and author. Plenty of resources and podcasts on her website.

couple image.jfif

Evidence based, practical and a wealth of resources on parenting and couple relationships.

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